Planned Preventative Maintenance (P.P.M)

Our planned preventative maintenance services support businesses and organisations throughout the region, no matter what sector – education, hospitality, medical, business, retail. Planned, preventative maintenance is where any scheduled maintenance of equipment, building fabric inspections and testing are undertaken at regular intervals to prevent the potential for breakdown, confirm safety and ensure it is efficient in operation.

Our engineers will carry out pre planned scheduled visits and minimise disruption to your business. With regular visits we will be able to get to know your building and equipment, which will ensure any abnormalities will be noticed immediately allowing for appropriate action to be taken.

Anti-Ligature Load Testing

We supply and fit a range of anti-ligature curtain tracking, blinds, bathroom and wardrobe fittings that are aimed at customers looking for a safe, professional and cost effective solution to the inherent risk of patient self-harm within their establishments. 

Emergency Lighting

We ensure that the emergency lighting in our clients buildings are kept maintained through the procedure of regular testing. Emergency lighting is normally required to operate fully automatically and give illumination of a sufficiently high level to enable all occupants to evacuate the premises safely. 

External Lights

During the hours of darkness the outdoor space of your property not only needs to project a positive impression of your business but also needs to provide a practical purpose in terms of security and health and safety. MINT Contracting Services can advise on, supply and install a wide range of external lighting to suit our clients individual needs including, car park lighting, lamp post systems and decorative lighting.

External Doors

MINT Contracting Services conduct 6 monthly PPM checks for all external aluminum doors for schools in and around Leeds. Following each visit, a comprehensive inspection report is submitted to the client detailing all faults and damage; any remedial work is subsequently carried out in a quick and timely manner.

Water Hygiene

For any building owner or manager, effective water treatment is an absolute necessity. Waterborne diseases should be a primary concern for any responsible organisation. Inadequate water treatment can lead to the spread of disease therefore it is crucial that you take water hygiene seriously. If you find yourself out of your depth with where to start in ensuring that high standards of water safety are met, contact MINT Contracting Services, who will be happy to help.

Fire Dampers

The British Standard 9999:2017 gives clear guidance that covers routine visual inspection and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning ductwork and states that all fire dampers should be tested not exceeding a 12 months period. As the building owner / responsible person on-site you need to ensure that all fire and smoke dampers within your building(s) are located, serviced and tested (whether that be a drop test or otherwise). 

MINT Contracting Services, can help you to ensure you meet the regulatory requirements and support you in compiling an asset list and schedule to ensure regular checks are carried out for continued safe operation.