Electrical Services

MINT Contracting Services offer a wide range of building electrical installation, repairs and maintenance, as well as surveys, testing, inspections and reporting to the highest industry standards, as part of our facility management services.

From lighting and power installation, to re-wiring and data cabling, MINT Contracting Services offers a full range of electrical services to a wide range of commercial clients. We care about the needs, of our clients and can adapt our electrical services to your individual needs.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

The most effective way to maintain electrical portable equipment, machinery and appliances is through Portable Appliance Testing (PAT). Regular PAT testing helps organisations comply with their health and safety duties, ensuring the safety of employees, customers and visitors and in most cases to qualify for insurance coverage.

MINT Contracting Services offers a PAT service for organisations of all sizes and across all sectors.


Good lighting is essential for all businesses, particularly ones which have their peak hours at night. As part of our electrical service as well as installations, we provide lighting repair and maintenance on both internal and external lighting systems to make sure they remain in good working order. Our team will work closely with your business to ensure no lights are faulty, loosely fitted or have any defects.

Electrical Reports

MINT Contracting Services can adapt our electrical services to your individual needs and provide periodic inspection, testing and Electrical Condition Reports.


If you require any data and power installing then we carry out all the tasks from planning the data installation and ensuring power is also adequate to the client’s requirements.


Through one of our trusted partners, we can arrange to have any item that requires testing and calibrating collected and returned.