Many commercial properties do not have a regular maintenance plan or full time maintenance department to ensure that essential gutters, valleys and gullies are kept clear of debris and blockages. A serious case of water ingress is often enough to stop operations inside working premises, and can cost thousands of pounds in repair bills, affecting your insurance profile and making your  premiums higher in future years.

MINT Contracting Services, can take care of this for you, we will schedule in regular checks of your building and any maintenance work that is recommended to ensure that your roof and rainwater systems are performing correctly.  

All of our operatives are fully trained and experienced in this type of work, we are fully insured and comply with all Health and Safety practices required for working at height.

Roof Repairs

MINT Contracting Services has extensive knowledge regarding all aspects of industrial and commercial roofing and our experience informs us that early identification and response to roofing repairs prevents or reduces more costly interventions in the long-term. We are able to provide remedial repairs to areas of your roof; thereby extending roof longevity. 


If you require a company to ensure the smooth running of a new roof installation then let MINT take the strain away. With the help of our trusted Roofing partners we will ensure the smooth running of the removal of the old roof and replace with the new roofing system.


The main purpose of roof guttering is to protect a building’s foundation by channeling water away from its base.  MINT Contracting Services can advise you on improving, updating or even simply maintaining your guttering, to create the most effective rainwater systems, thereby minimising ingress water damage or erosion. We provide efficient, high-capacity, guttering and downpipes in a full range of materials and suitable for all types and sizes of business and commercial properties, with styles ranging from classic to decorative.